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Welcome to Our Virtual Learning Environment

Plantsbrook School has a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) that students can access both in and out of school.

Our VLE aims to include a set of teaching and learning tools designed to enhance and personalise student learning.  Our VLE allows our teachers to provide opportunities for homework exercises that compliments or extends the work that students are completing in school.

Many students are already using the resource on a regular basis. All students have been allocated usernames and passwords to access the materials and all have access to their own online space where they can save and edit their own documents and access them anytime, anywhere.


For Students:

You can access the VLE by enter your username and password on the left hand side (if you have lost this please speak to the school technicians our your ICT teacher)

You will then be taken to your 'My dashboard'. Speak to your ICT teacher to find out more about this section.  Click on 'Courses' and select the course you want.

The site is updated regularly and materials aim to help you with the work that you are covering in class.

28/04/2014 00:41

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